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2007 Oasis Dream (GB) - Arabesque (GB)

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17Jan20 Dun 8A 4y+ Hcap(12K)
Fashaar 8-11[25/1] 14th of 14, 10.64L behind Parkers Hill
D E Sheehy
17Jan20 Dun 8A 4y+ Hcap(10K)
Goodwood Showman 9-13[12/1] 6th of 14, 2.25L behind Everyhouronthehour
R P Whelan
17Jan20 New 6A 3y F(8K)
Raadea 9-2[16/1] 5th of 6, 7.53L behind Tommy de Vito
Theodore Ladd
17Jan20 New 5A 4y+ Hcap(11K)
Heath Charnock 8-13[6/4F] 2nd of 6, 1L behind Venturous
Callum Rodriguez
17Jan20 New 12A 4y+ Hcap(6K)
Bromance 8-12[28/1] 10th of 11, 7.88L behind Accessor
James P Sullivan
16Jan20 New 6A 4y+ Hcap(6K)
De Bruyne Horse 9-6[12/1] 2nd of 12, shd behind Star Cracker
Phil Dennis
16Jan20 Mey 6AF 3y+ Hcap(493K)
Nine Below Zero 9-6[7/1] 6th of 11, 15.50L behind Bochart
A de Vries
15Jan20 Sou 5A 3y+ Mdn(5K)
Ladyleys Beluga 8-8[1/1F] 1st of 6, 3.25L to Mews House
Clifford Lee
15Jan20 Sou 6A 4y+ Hcap(9K)
Airshow 9-10[7/4F] 4th of 4, 4.13L behind Zylan
A Rawlinson
15Jan20 Wol 6A 3y+ Hcap(5K)
Murqaab non-runner
Non Runner
15Jan20 Wol 6A 3y+ Hcap(5K)
Tawaafoq 9-7[14/1] 8th of 12, 4.51L behind Atwaar
Finley Marsh
15Jan20 Hap G Hcap(1450K)
The Weatherman 8-13[222] 11th of 11, 0 behind Hong Kong Win
K C Leung
14Jan20 Che 7A 4y+ Hcap(9K)
Johnny Reb 9-8[14/1] 5th of 9, 4.00L behind Split Down South
Daniel Muscutt
11Jan20 Che 5A 3y+ F(7K)
Dress Circle 8-8[40/1] 7th of 8, 10.03L behind Endowment
D Brock
11Jan20 Sha G Hcap(1450K)
Jade Fortune 8-9[26] 8th of 14, 0 behind Bear Slam
K C Leung
11Jan20 Sha G Hcap(967K)
Fantastic Boy 8-9[69] 10th of 14, 0 behind Winning Together
K C Leung
10Jan20 Wol 5A 4y+ Hcap(6K)
Katherine Place 9-7[5/1] 6th of 9, 4.00L behind Polly Douglas
E J Walsh
10Jan20 Wol 17A 4y+ Hcap(6K)
Showshutai non-runner (Self Cert (Runny Nose))
Non Runner
10Jan20 Lin 8A 3y Hcap(5K)
Red Jasper 9-6[10/1] 5th of 8, 3.56L behind Rulers Kingdom
Luke Morris
09Jan20 Mey 8G 3y+ Hcap(493K)
Ode To Autumn 8-6[50/1] 9th of 13, 12.50L behind Zakouski
R Mullen
09Jan20 Mey 6G 3y+ Hcap(639K)
Nine Below Zero 8-7[22/1] 6th of 8, 5.53L behind Ekhtiyaar
T P O'Shea
09Jan20 New 5A 4y+ Hcap(7K)
Showu 9-2[50/1] 4th of 11, 2.00L behind Spirit Power
Hollie Doyle
08Jan20 New 6AA 4y+ Hcap(11K)
Heath Charnock 9-8[7/2] 5th of 8, 5.75L behind Reckless Endeavour
Callum Rodriguez
08Jan20 Hap G Hcap(967K)
Shimmer And Shine 9-3[23] 9th of 12, 0 behind Shouson
C Schofield
07Jan20 Sou 5A 4y+ Hcap(6K)
Marcella 8-7[50/1] 9th of 9, 10.78L behind Global Melody
Zak Wheatley
07Jan20 Sou 6A 4y+ Hcap(6K)
Murqaab non-runner (Self Cert (Stiff))
B A Curtis
06Jan20 Wol 5A 4y+ Hcap(6K)
Murqaab 9-3[10/1] 4th of 11, 2.75L behind Fareeq
Lewis Edmunds
06Jan20 Wol 6A 3y+ F(5K)
Will To Win 9-5[5/4F] 1st of 10, 0.5L to Shine On Brendan
Jack Mitchell
05Jan20 Sha G Hcap(1450K)
The Weatherman 8-11[98] 8th of 12, 0 behind Encore Boy
K C Leung
05Jan20 Sha G Hcap(725K)
Winwin Thirtythree 9-5[4.7] 3rd of 14, 0 behind Supreme Witness
C Y Ho
04Jan20 Lin 12A 4y+ Hcap(6K)
Double Reflection non-runner (Self Cert (Not Eaten Up))
Non Runner
04Jan20 Lin 6A 4y+ Hcap(6K)
Venture 9-7[3/1F] 5th of 12, 2.81L behind Sword Exceed
A Kirby
04Jan20 Lin 7A 4y+ Hcap(6K)
Little Palaver non-runner (Self Cert (Temperature))
Non Runner