Guide to New features on

Our new navigations will help you get to the content you require quicker.

Quick Links

Quick LinksWe have added a ‘sticky’ menu of ‘Quick Links’ on the left-hand side of the page. This ‘Quick Links’ menu is always on your screen and besides giving you immediate access to the most popular sections of the website it also has a ‘Top’ link which simply takes you back to the main menu strip at the top of the page.

Top Menu

The main menu strip at the top of the page contains access to all areas of the website. Four of the sections – Cards, Betting, Results and Statistics open with a drop-down menu so you can go directly to the page you require. There is also a ‘date changer’ in the drop-down menu so you can change the display to a different date.

Menu Strip

Date Changer

Date ChangerUse the date changer to quickly find that result, card or entry.

Click on the « or » to change month.

Quickly change the year by clicking on the Month Year header to change the selection view to year view

While in cards or betting drop down the date highlighted 16 indicates there is a meeting or betting is available for that day. If you position cursor over it a popup will show further details of meetings that day then just click on it to go directly that day.

Search Box

Date ChangerWe have made our ‘Search’ box at the top of the page quicker. When you type in the name of a horse if there is only 1 record in our database we will take you directly to the Horse’s file page without you needing to select from a further list of horses.

Home Page

Our new homepage contains a feed of information directly from The Turf Club which includes the latest going descriptions for each Irish racecourse and non-runners.

Embedded Video

We have embedded the Horse Racing Ireland and highlights videos from Youtube(when available) on each of our Irish results pages for the last two years. So now when you study past results you will have the option to watch the finish of each race from that race meeting.

Headgear At A Glance

HeadgearWe have improved our horse file pages to show which equipment was fitted to the horse on each of its runs and on how many occasions. When you see on our race card that a horse is due to wear blinkers for the 3rd time today you can click on the horse name to see how the horse performed in the previous races when it wore blinkers.

On our race cards we have added a number to the ‘C’ for course wins and to ‘CD’ for course and distance wins to signify how many times the horse has achieved it. We also highlight the same information for extra gear the horse wears such as Tongue straps, blinkers and cheek-pieces.

Pop Ups

On our race cards we have added extra pop-ups for trainers and jockeys. Position your cursor over a trainer or jockey name to get a quick overview of their statistics.

Top Trainers/Jockeys

On our race cards In the right-hand column we have added extra information regarding the Trainers and Jockeys involved in this race. Those who have had winners in the previous 21 days are displayed as the default setting. You can then select the tab for ‘Course Stats’ to see their career records at today’s racecourse. We also have a ‘Course form’ tab which displays the horses in today’s race that have previous form over the course.

We hope you find the new features useful and continue to enjoy using