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1994 Indian Ridge - Nosey

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09Jul20 Che 7S 4y+ Hcap(5K)
Satchville Flyer 8-2[40/1] 5th of 8, 9.00L behind In The Cove
Raul Da Silva
07Jul20 Lei 5GS 4y+ Hcap(4K)
Teepee Time 8-9[7/2] 4th of 6, 8.75L behind Alba Del Sole
J Quinn
06Jul20 Thi 7G 4y+ Hcap(4K)
Kingi Compton 9-7[15/2] 6th of 12, 4.03L behind Moretti
T Eaves
06Jul20 Ayr 5S 4y+ Hcap(4K)
Compton's Finale 9-9[13/8F] 4th of 9, 1.88L behind Star Citizen
B A Curtis
05Jul20 Don 8GS 4y+ Hcap(5K)
Frank Rogers 8-13[80/1] 19th of 19, 40.31L behind Turntable
James P Sullivan
05Jul20 San 8G 3y+ Hcap(30K)
Gallipoli 8-1[33/1] 3rd of 9, 1.56L behind Montatham
P Mathers
05Jul20 San 5G 3y+ F(40K)
Tinto 9-3[33/1] 3rd of 11, 1.25L behind A'ali
Jim Crowley
04Jul20 Naa 6YS 4y+ Hcap(9K)
Dulcina 8-3[80/1] 15th of 15, 40.00L behind Eleuthera
O McSweeney
02Jul20 Bat 6G 4y+ Hcap(4K)
Princely 9-4[16/5] 2nd of 10, 3.25L behind Grey Galleon
Rossa Ryan
02Jul20 Cat 7GS 4y+ Hcap(4K)
Indian Pursuit 9-6[22/1] 12th of 12, 28.88L behind The Big House
Jason Hart
02Jul20 Cat 7GS 4y+ Hcap(4K)
Christmas Night 9-7[5/1] 7th of 12, 6.50L behind The Big House
Ben Robinson
30Jun20 Lei 5GF 4y+ Hcap(4K)
Teepee Time 9-5[5/2F] 2nd of 9, 2L behind Alba Del Sole
T P Queally
28Jun20 Win 11GF 4y+ Hcap(7K)
Leroy Leroy 9-2[18/1] 8th of 9, 38.00L behind Mayfair Spirit
P Cosgrave
27Jun20 Red 5GS 4y+ Hcap(4K)
Compton's Finale 9-0[9/2] 4th of 8, 4.00L behind Boudica Bay
Harry Russell
27Jun20 Red 8GS 4y+ Hcap(10K)
Gallipoli 8-13[28/1] 1st of 13, 1.75L to Star Shield
Barry McHugh
27Jun20 Red 8GS 4y+ Hcap(4K)
Kingi Compton 9-2[125/1] 3rd of 14, 0.56L behind Global Exceed
Dougie Costello