HorseTrackerDesert Opal (GB)

ch g 2000 Cadeaux Genereux-Nullarbor (GB)(Green Desert (USA))

Mrs Louise Marsh
Last Win
Kempton Wed, 19th Nov, 08 4/1CFav, Liam Jones
Days Since Last Win
Last Run
Lingfield Tue, 10th Feb, 09  4th, 4/1, J D O'Reilly
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10Feb09 Lin 5f Standard 3y+ F(3K)
9-7[4/1]4th of 5, 7.00L behind Woodcote
J D O'Reilly
06Feb09 Wol 5f Standard 4y+ Hcap(3K)
9-4[12/1]4th of 10, 5.00L behind Tyrannosaurus Rex
Liam Jones
29Jan09 Wol 5f Standard 4y+ Hcap(4K)
8-8[33/1]8th of 10, 7.88L behind Gwilym
Liam Jones
08Jan09 Che 5f Standard 4y+ Hcap(4K)
8-10[12/1]6th of 8, 8.38L behind Godfrey Street
Liam Jones
20Dec08 Lin 5f Standard 3y+ Hcap(4K)
9-1[14/1]9th of 9, 7.47L behind Thoughtsofstardom
Liam Jones
10Dec08 Kem 5f Standard 3y+ Hcap(4K)
8-10[16/1]12th of 12, 9.19L behind Bookiesindex Boy
Liam Jones
19Nov08 Kem 5f Standard 3y+ Hcap(3K)
9-2[4/1CF]1st of 10, 1L to Bountiful Bay
Liam Jones
13Nov08 Che 5f Standard 3y+ Hcap(4K)
8-13[16/1]5th of 12, 3.06L behind Fizzlephut
Luke Morris
04Sep08 Che 5f Standard 3y+ Hcap(4K)
9-2[6/1]1st of 12, 0.75L to Billy Red
Luke Morris
23Aug08 Bev 5f Soft 3y+ Hcap(4K)
8-9[8/1]14th of 14, 23.01L behind Highland Warrior
T Dean
15Aug08 Kem 5f Standard 3y+ Hcap(4K)
8-13[12/1]5th of 11, 4.75L behind Woodcote
Liam Jones
18Jul08 New 5f Good 3y+ Hcap(4K)
9-8[16/1]6th of 11, 4.50L behind Kelamon
Liam Jones
14Jul08 Win 5f Good 3y+ Hcap(4K)
9-4[16/1]6th of 13, 3.06L behind Make My Dream
T E Durcan
05Jul08 Hay 5f Soft 3y+ Hcap(7K)
9-6[16/1]7th of 11, 4.88L behind Cheveton
R Winston
24Jun08 New 5f Good to Firm 3y+ Hcap(5K)
16Jun08 Car 5f Good to Firm 3y+ Hcap(7K)
04Jun08 Kem 5f Standard 3y+ Hcap(4K)
9-10[20/1]4th of 12, 1.88L behind Fairfield Princess
Liam Jones
15Apr08 Not 5f Soft 4y+ Hcap(4K)
9-4[6/1]bl6th of 12, 6.95L behind Dorn Dancer
P Robinson
08Mar08 Wol 5f Standard 4y+ Hcap(3K)
8-11[20/1]bl6th of 10, 3.05L behind Sands Crooner
Liam Jones
25Feb08 Wol 5f Standard 4y+ Hcap(4K)
8-13[15/2]bl5th of 6, 7.55L behind Almaty Express
T P Queally
15Feb08 Wol 5f Standard 4y+ Hcap(7K)
8-9[12-1]bl4th of 9, 2.05L behind Distant Sun
Liam Jones
07Feb08 Sou 5f Standard 4y+ Hcap(3K)
9-1[8/1]bl6th of 6, 7.60L behind Bo McGinty
T P Queally
24Jan08 Wol 5f Standard 4y+ Hcap(4K)
9-4[13/2]3rd of 8, 0.50L behind Lord of The Reins
Liam Jones
22Dec07 Lin 5f 3y+ Hcap(4K)
9-4[11/2]2nd of 9, 1.25L behind Pegasus Dancer
T P Queally
07Dec07 Wol 5f Standard 3y+ Hcap(4K)
9-2[5/1]5th of 8, 4.50L behind Silver Prelude
T P Queally
24Nov07 Wol 6f Standard 3y+ Hcap(4K)
9-2[9/1]5th of 11, 6.25L behind Tony The Tap
T P Queally
16Nov07 Lin 5f Standard 3y+ Hcap(4K)
9-3[14/1]5th of 9, 1.25L behind Financial Times
T P Queally
20Oct07 Wol 5f Standard 3y+ F(3K)
9-5[11/4JF]1st of 10, 0.5L to Macademy Royal
Liam Jones
06Oct07 Red 5f Good 3y+ Hcap(4K)
9-4[13/2]13th of 15, 5.50L behind Ocean Blaze
N Callan
25Aug07 Bev 5f Good 3y+ Hcap(7K)
9-9[5/1JF]bf7th of 14, 2.25L behind Kings College Boy
P Robinson
25Jul07 San 5f Good 4y+ Hcap(7K)
9-5[7/2JF]1st of 10, 0.5L to Blue Aura
P Robinson
14Jul07 Asc 5f Good 3y+ Hcap(10K)
9-1[6/1]4th of 11, 3.75L behind Dig Deep
J P Spencer
07Jul07 Bev 5f Heavy 3y+ Hcap(12K)
8-12[10/1]3rd of 11, 4.25L behind Glasshoughton
Liam Jones
22May07 Bev 5f Good 4y+ Hcap(5K)
9-1[12/1]1st of 15, shd to Welcome Approach
J P Spencer
12May07 Not 5f Good 4y+ Hcap(5K)
30Apr07 Wol 5f Standard 4y+ Hcap(7K)
8-5[11/1]4th of 12, 3.50L behind Dig Deep
M Halford
17Apr07 Not 5f Good 4y+ Hcap(5K)
8-11[18/1]1st of 14, nk to No Time
Liam Jones
30Mar07 Wol 5f Standard 4y+ Hcap(7K)
9-1[10/1]6th of 9, 4.00L behind Fizzlephut
Liam Jones
27Jan07 Wol 5f Standard Slow 4y+ Hcap(5K)
9-0[12/1]4th of 9, 1.75L behind Figaro Flyer
R Winston
16Jan07 Wol 5f Standard 4y+ Hcap(7K)
8-5[12/1]7th of 12, 5.00L behind Harry Up
J Quinn
23Dec06 Wol 5f Standard 3y+ Hcap(8K)
8-8[13/8F]1st of 9, 0.75L to Financial Times
R Winston
07Dec06 Wol 5f Standard 3y+ Hcap(5K)
9-1[2/1F]1st of 13, nk to New Options
Liam Jones
27Nov06 Wol 5f Standard 3y+ Hcap(4K)
9-1[5/1]3rd of 12, 1.25L behind Tartatartufata
Liam Jones
03Nov06 Wol 5f Standard 3y+ Hcap(4K)
9-2[5/1]1st of 11, 0.5L to Polar Force
Liam Jones
18Oct06 Yar 6f Good 3y+ Hcap(4K)
9-1[9/1]8th of 13, 6.25L behind Black Sea Pearl
E Creighton
09Oct06 Wol 5f Standard 3y+ Hcap(4K)
8-11[9/1]2nd of 12, shd behind Paddywack
Liam Jones
16Sep06 Wol 7f Standard 3y+ Hcap(4K)
9-2[14/1]10th of 12, 6.50L behind Sovereignty
T P Queally
02Sep06 Wol 6f Standard 3y+ Hcap(4K)
9-6[17/2]7th of 13, 4.25L behind Only If I Laugh
E Ahern
31Aug06 Wol 6f Standard 3y+ Hcap(4K)
9-8[6/1]4th of 13, 1.00L behind Caustic Wit
A Daly
24Aug06 Red 6f Good 3y+ Hcap(4K)
9-9[10/1]3rd of 16, 0.50L behind Elkhorn
J Quinn
18Aug06 New 6f Good 3y+ Hcap(4K)
9-10[8/1]12th of 15, 14.25L behind Petite Mac
D O'Donohoe
15Aug06 Not 5f Good 3y+ Hcap(5K)
9-5[5/1]2nd of 11, 0.75L behind Whistler
P Robinson
26Jul06 Lin 6f Good 3y+ Hcap(5K)
9-5[25/1]7th of 12, 3.00L behind Portmeirion
A Kirby
15Jul06 Lin 6f Standard 3y+ Hcap(5K)
9-5[8/1]9th of 11, 6.50L behind Russian Rocket
R Thomas
02Jun06 Wol 6f Standard 3y+ F(3K)
9-12[9/2]2nd of 13, 1.5L behind Cd Europe
S Sanders
27May06 Cat 7f Good 4y+ Hcap(5K)
9-2[10/1]10th of 17, 7.75L behind First Rhapsody
P M Quinn
18May06 Car 6f Good 4y+ Hcap(5K)
8-9[7/1]5th of 17, 3.25L behind Geojimali
A Culhane
09May06 Cat 5f Good 4y+ Hcap(8K)
8-11[9/1]2nd of 14, 1.5L behind Our Little Secret
A Culhane
02May06 Sou 6f Standard 4y+ Hcap(5K)
8-10[25/1]7th of 11, 7.75L behind Count Cougar
P Makin
03Apr06 Sou 6f 4y+ Hcap(4K)
9-7[6/1]6th of 12, 4.00L behind Piccleyes
A Culhane
Rated 6
31Mar06 Wol 5f Standard 4y+ Hcap(4K)
8-10[20/1]1st of 12, 0.5L to Sahara Silk
A Culhane
16Mar06 Sou 6f 4y+ Hcap(5K)
8-8[20/1]7th of 10, 7.75L behind Winning Pleasure
P Makin
06Mar06 Wol 6f Standard 4y+ F(3K)
8-12[10/1]5th of 11, 3.00L behind Imperium
A Culhane
27Jan06 Wol 7f Standard 4y+ F(3K)
05Jan06 Wol 6f 4y+ F(3K)
9-2[8/1]4th of 11, 3.25L behind Shadow Jumper
A Culhane
16Dec05 Wol 6f 3y+ F(3K)
9-5[7/2JF]bf6th of 10, 5.25L behind Tiviski
A Culhane
02Dec05 Wol 6f Standard 3y+ Hcap(7K)
9-3[8/1]10th of 12, 10.75L behind Willheconquertoo
A Culhane
05Nov05 Don 7f Soft 3y+ Hcap(10K)
8-8[25/1]22nd of 22, 64.75L behind Cardinal Venture
M Halford
17Sep05 Wol 6f 3y+ Hcap(5K)
8-12[11/2]1st of 13, 0.5L to Attorney
J P Spencer
03Sep05 Wol 6f Standard 3y+ Hcap(4K)
8-13[9/1]1st of 12, 1.5L to Kennington
A Culhane
27Aug05 Yor 6f Good 3y+ Hcap(10K)
8-8[50/1]10th of 20, 5.25L behind Sir Nod
A Elliott
23Jul05 Not 8f Good 3y+ F(5K)
9-8[12/1]5th of 7, 10.00L behind Nanton
G Baker
08Jul05 Yor 7f Good 3y+ Hcap(10K)
8-13[33/1]6th of 16, 8.50L behind Dispol Katie
A Culhane
01Jul05 Wol 6f Standard 3y+ Hcap(5K)
9-4[33/1]13th of 13, 9.00L behind Rezzago
P Cosgrave
02Jun05 Hay 6f Good 3y+ Hcap(5K)
9-11[25/1]15th of 15, 4.25L behind Distant Times
A Culhane
16Apr05 Wol 9f 3y+ Hcap(6K)
9-10[16/1]10th of 13, 8.25L behind Sir Haydn
A Quinn
07Apr05 Lei 7f Soft 3y+ Hcap(10K)
9-7[25/1]4th of 13, 3.00L behind Cesare
P Makin
24Mar05 Wol 7f Standard 4y+ Hcap(5K)
9-0[66/1]11th of 11, 3.00L behind Andaluza
Darren Williams
12Mar05 Wol 7f Standard 4y+ Hcap(10K)
8-10[66/1]10th of 10, 5.75L behind Uhoomagoo
A Nicholls
07Jan05 Wol 9f 4y+ F(20K)
9-0[100/1]11th of 12, 6.50L behind Moayed
A Culhane
14Dec04 Wol 7f Standard 3y+ F(4K)
9-5[9/4JF]bf10th of 10, 12.50L behind Certifiable
J Fanning
27Jun04 Win 8f Good 3y+ Hcap(15K)
10-0[4/1]6th of 7, 17.25L behind A One
J Fortune
18May04 Goo 8f Good 4y+ Hcap(14K)
9-8[7/1JF]bf12th of 18, 1.75L behind Highland Reel
R Hughes
03May04 Kem 8f Good 4y+ Hcap(15K)
9-10[7/2F]bf5th of 14, 18.00L behind Shot To Fame
S Drowne
17Apr04 New 8f Good 4y+ Hcap(40K)
9-4[10/1]8th of 27, 5.50L behind El Coto
R Hughes
27Mar04 Don 8f Good 4y+ Hcap(100K)
8-12[11/1]9th of 24, 3.00L behind Babodana
R Hughes
01Nov03 New 8f Good 3y+ Hcap(30K)
9-7[5/1F]bf14th of 20, 7.00L behind Thihn
R Hughes
27Sep03 Hay 8f Soft 3y Hcap(20K)
8-9[11/4F]1st of 15, 1L to Flighty Fellow
S Drowne
03Jul03 New 8f Good 3y Hcap(8K)
9-7[7/4F]1st of 14, nk to Just A Martian
R Hughes
05Jun03 San 8f Good 3y F(8K)
9-1[5/2]2nd of 9, 0.5L behind Leporello
R Hughes
21May03 Goo 7f Good 3y Hcap(47K)
7-13[8/1]4th of 15, 2.00L behind Naahy
F Norton
04May03 Sal 6f Soft 3y+ Mdn(8K)
8-12[11/8F]1st of 17, 1.25L to Karaoke King
R Hughes
21Apr03 Kem 7f Good 3y+ Mdn(8K)
8-11[8/1]7th of 14, 3.25L behind Bi Polar
R Hughes
02Oct02 Sal 7f Good 2y F(7K)
8-8[9/1]5th of 9, 7.00L behind Audience
J Fortune

Symbols Explained

ts2 Tongue Strap vs2 Visor hd2 Hood es2 Eye Shield ec2 Eye Cover cp2 Cheekpiece bl2 Blinkers tt2 Tongue Tie bf Beaten Favourite on Last Run

The superscript number on headgear bl2 indicates number of times worn. A plus bl+ indicates more than 10 times where as red background bl1indicates first time.