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br g 2009 Whitmore's Conn (USA)-Beaver Run (IRE)(Be My Native (USA))

The Bill & Ben Partnership
Miss Laura Devitt
Last Win
Days Since Last Win
Last Run
Uttoxeter Sat, 25th Jan, 20  5th, 16/1, Miss Jodie Hughes
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25Jan20 Utt 20f Heavy 5y+ HcapCh(8K)
9-7[16/1]5th of 10, 41.75L behind Neachells Bridge
Miss Jodie Hughes
Rated 92 4
14Dec19 Her 25f Soft 4y+ HcapCh(10K)
10-4[12/1]4th of 7, 20.50L behind One Style
Mr Richard Patrick
Rated 93 4
24Nov19 Utt 20f Heavy 4y+ HcapCh(8K)
10-10[15/2]4th of 7, 3.75L behind Lickpenny Larry
Mr B R Jones
Rated 94 4
24Oct19 Lud 16f Good 3y+ HcapHdl(8K)
10-0[25/1]10th of 10, 93.00L behind Mix Of Clover
D Crosse
Rated 88 4
18May19 Utt 22f Good 5y+ HcapCh(7K)
11-5[11/2]7th of 9, 50.25L behind Day Of Roses
Mr L Williams
Rated 97 5
21Apr19 Ffo 19f Good 5y+ HcapCh(9K)
11-2[7/1]3rd of 8, 19.50L behind Alf 'n' Dor
R T Dunne
Rated 99 4
30Mar19 Utt 24f Good 5y+ HcapCh(8K)
10-7[8/1]3rd of 9, 10.50L behind One Forty Seven
R T Dunne
Rated 100 4
14Jan19 Ffo 20f Soft 4y+ HcapHdl(7K)
10-10[40/1]10th of 14, 32.00L behind Golden Whisky
Sam Twiston-Davies
Rated 96 4
15Dec18 Her 25f Soft 4y+ HcapCh(13K)
10-12[8/1]10th of 14, 105.63L behind Bandon Roc
R T Dunne
Rated 101 4
25Nov18 Utt 20f Good to Soft 4y+ HcapCh(9K)
11-1[16/1]1st of 12, 1.5L to Kavanaghs Corner
R T Dunne
Rated 94 4
07Nov18 Che 16f Soft 3y+ HcapHdl(6K)
11-1[66/1]13th of 17, 39.13L behind Get Wishing
Mr J Nailor
Rated 94 5
26May18 Ffo 21f Good 5y+ HcapCh(8K)
11-7[3/1F]bfpulled up in race won by Jeu De Mots
R T Dunne
Rated 94 5
05May18 Utt 22f Good to Soft 5y+ HcapCh(8K)
10-0[66/1]1st of 16, 1.25L to Wandrin Star
R T Dunne
Rated 86 4
27Apr18 Che 26f Soft 5y+ HcapCh(7K)
Rated 86 5
12Apr18 Tau 18f Heavy 5y+ HcapCh(11K)
10-12[11/2]4th of 4, 75.00L behind Exmoor Mist
R T Dunne
Rated 91 4
29Jan18 Her 16f Soft 5y+ S(9K)
11-2[100/1]5th of 6, 118.00L behind Report To Base
R T Dunne
Rated 98 4
12Nov17 Ffo 16f Soft 4y+ H(6K)
10-12[50/1]5th of 9, 62.00L behind Angels Antics
R T Dunne
27Oct17 Che 16f Good 4y+ MdnHdl(10K)
11-0[100/1]7th of 8, 31.25L behind Slate House
R T Dunne
06May17 Utt 16f Good 4y+ MdnHdl(4K)
10-13[40/1]12th of 12, 59.13L behind Majestic Touch
Alan Johns
15Mar17 Hun 25f Good to Soft 4y+ MdnHdl(4K)
08Jan17 Tin 24f Soft 7y+ Point to Point
12-2[4/1]3rd of 8, 10.00L behind So Influential
R M Cody
11Dec16 Bor 24f Yielding 6y+ Point to Point
12-1[2/1JFF]4th of 14, 23.50L behind Chapter Two
J J Codd
27Nov16 Mai 24f Good 6y+ Point to Point
12-1[1/1F]bf2nd of 6, 12L behind You Know Best
R M Cody
05Jun16 Kin 24f Good to Yielding 7y+ Point to Point
12-1[4/5F]bf2nd of 6, 10L behind Kinsale Arts Week
C W Fennessy
15May16 Str 24f Firm 7y+ Point to Point
12-1[3/1]3rd of 13, 18.00L behind Mollies Gent
D Allen
08May16 Gre 24f Good to Firm 7y+ Point to Point
12-1[5/4F]bf2nd of 9, 4L behind Tinacurra
John J O'Connor
30Apr16 Lis 24f Good to Firm 7y+ Point to Point
12-1[2/1F]bf2nd of 9, nk behind Ross Kitty
John J O'Connor
02Apr16 Mon 24f Heavy 6y+ Point to Point
12-1[3/1]pulled up in race won by White Socks
C W Fennessy
23Mar16 Inc 24f Yielding to Soft 5y+ Point to Point
12-1[6/1]3rd of 13, 14.00L behind Ben Arthur
C W Fennessy
06Mar16 Lis 24f Heavy 5y+ Point to Point
12-1[7/4]pulled up in race won by Off The Hoof
C W Fennessy
07Feb16 Tal 24f Heavy 5y+ Point to Point
12-1[4/5F]bf2nd of 5, 1L behind Wayupinthebox
John J O'Connor
02Nov14 Gre 24f Yielding 5-6y Point to Point
12-2[10/1]fell in race won by Monbeg River
B J Foley
21Jun14 Gow 20f Good to Firm 5y MdnHdl(10K)
11-12[28/1]cp110th of 12, 101.63L behind Riverside City
D J Condon
31May14 Kin 24f Good 5y Point to Point
12-2[7/1]unseated rider in race won by What Happens Now
B J Foley
18May14 Bar 24f 5y Point to Point
12-2unplaced in race won by Master Sunrise
09Feb14 Bal 24f Yielding 5y Point to Point
12-2[9/2]pulled up in race won by Brownville
M N Doran
05Jan14 Tin 24f Soft 5y Point to Point
12-2[2/1]2nd of 9, 11L behind Blaklion
M N Doran

Symbols Explained

ts2 Tongue Strap vs2 Visor hd2 Hood es2 Eye Shield ec2 Eye Cover cp2 Cheekpiece bl2 Blinkers tt2 Tongue Tie bf Beaten Favourite on Last Run

The superscript number on headgear bl2 indicates number of times worn. A plus bl+ indicates more than 10 times where as red background bl1indicates first time.